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Tracktive | Features Overview


Tracktive is built to accommodate your work style, light interactions or detailed tracking, sharing and instant collaboration across the room or across the world, all in Real-Time.

Tracktive turns activities, tasks, expenses, notes and documents into real-time actionable project visibility, insight, metrics and intelligence.


Painless TimeSheets

As each team member adds slices of information via activities & tasks to their projects, Tracktive works in the background to capture the time spent on those activities while gathering all notes, clippings, documents, conversations and doodles for use later and or sharing with your team immediately. Or you can just as easily enter your time to a project with two clicks and you're done. Simple and PAINLESS.

Project Profiles Real-time Project Status

Project profiles give you an immediate view of where the project is at and what remains ... allowing you to make adjustments to course if need be. This quick look enables everyone to be and stay informed with easy access to key project metrics and contacts.


Integrated Shared Contacts

Tracktive ‘s centralized refreshingly new contact management tool delivers a richness second to none;

  • Automatic real-time location mapping
  • Multiple addresses per contact
  • ISO formatting for telephone numbers based on country settings
  • Simplified data entry via intuitive drop downs
  • MS Excel import/export facilities.
  • Flexible team shared contacts or private can be intermingled and are only visible to those with appropriate privileges
  • Instant Analytics & Reporting

    Manage your profitability in Real-Time.

  • Search, filter and customize data with a few clicks for on screen reporting instantly.
  • No need for finance or accounting to run reports
  • No need for massive formula laden Excel sheets. It’s all at your fingertips.
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    Interactive Knowledge Base

    A visual, searchable knowledgebase provides direct access to those with appropriate privileges.

  • From the entire portfolio of project plans, deliverables, notes and documents to disbursements and expenses. Learn from experience and actionable insights.
  • Quick access to Client and Project histories, provides visibility into who worked on what, when and how.

  • Instant Collaboration

    It’s finally here! Just a click away.

  • Integrated desktop sharing and video conferencing (TurboMeeting) for those impromptu meetings be it within the office or across the world… anytime, anywhere
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