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The heart of Tracktive. Working within the activity area, Tracktive captures all your time, notes, documents, pictures, links, emails and activity related outlays (disbursements/expenses etc.) and turns them into actionable insights.



Just click the timer and start your work, or just start working and simply add the net time in the duration field


As users firm wide update their work with new Activities, they appear at the top of the stream, so you can get a crystal-clear picture of your team's progress.


Rates and Fee Schedules

No need to worry if the correct rate is applied to an activity.. Tracktive knows and applies the correct rate, based on flexible rules.

Project Details

No guessing required.. Tracktive displays the Project Budget and Actual onscreen every time you start an activity for a project.


Fee Information

With appropriate privileges, you can see in real-time the fees applied to any activity.

Document Attachments

Attach one or many documents (audio/video files, documents, spreadsheets, drawings.. you name it) to an activity. It/they automatically get tagged to the project and are available to all team members if shared.


Rich Text Formatting

Make your notes ONCE. Format them just as you would in a word processor (font/colour/size, bulleted lists) and include web links, email links, pictures, links to other docs, add pictures etc. Make your notes come alive, Tracktive saves it all.

Outlay Management

Record Expenses & Disbursements directly. They get tagged to the Project immediately. Plus expense reports are a breeze.


Integrated Desktop Sharing

With TurboMeeting integrated into Tracktive, ad-hoc web meetings with desktop sharing are a click away. The included audio conferencing ensures you keep your team and client in the loop.


Allowing for flexibility and discretion, the Billable checkbox is on by default, but can be overridden by the user.



To minimize key stokes, save a repetitive activity as a favourite. Tracktive will bring it up when called upon.

  • Capture time via Timer or by After the fact Entry
  • Record time in Actual time or Rounded time – Tracktive has multiple ways in which time can be recorded
  • Rates: auto calculated based on built-in flexible rate rules
  • Real-time feedback on Project status actual vs budget vs billable (if using rounded time)
  • Real-time feedback on billing/costing of an activity
Document Attachments: Attach any type file (auto linked to the project)
  • Any type of MS Office file
  • Drawing Files
  • PDF
  • Audio
  • Video
All notes areas support Full Rich Text Formatting
  • Change/mix fonts
  • Hyperlinks
  • Bold, underline, italicise, highlight, colour, shading
  • Email Links
  • Bullets with multiple styles
  • Pictures
  • Copy/paste
  • Partial spreadsheets
  • Undo/redo
Inline capture of Outlays: Disbursements/Expenses/Material/Services details (project is automatically tagged)
  • Date
  • How it was paid for (list provided)
  • Outlay itself
  • Unit price (system auto calculates extensions)
  • Quantity
  • Any notes specific to the disbursement
  • Currency
Desktop sharing
  • With TurboMeeting’s collaboration built-in (optional feature) simply click, invite and connect.
  • When working on extended projects, creating a favourite Activity form for that Project minimizes work.
  • Used when picking up where one left off or for extended projects.. Simply open a previous activity, click the clone button and capture all your previous notes in the new activity.
User empowered billable/non-billable
  • While Tracktive can be set to make all activities billable.... The user has the ability to override this setting by simply "unchecking" the billable checkbox.
SR & ED tracking
  • In many countries tax authorities provide for beneficial treatment of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) efforts. Tracktive helps firms track these activities at the source, by users simply "checking" SRED checkbox for eligible activities.

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